UTX Soccer Teams

This is an overview of the teams. Select a team to view all the details related to each team.

We also run Pick Up Soccer at various complexes in Montreal and Laval. Please go to the Pick Up Soccer page to get more informations.

Name Next Game Manager Attendace
Yes No ?? Total
2016 11v11 DM N/A ---19
delta machine Mon d3 s17 N/A ---19
Delta Machine MondayS15 N/A ---9
delta machine W2015-16 N/A ---9
DM S2016 Monday N/A ---7
DM Sunday 11v11 Summer 2015 N/A ---13
Fri coed N/A ---10
fri d3 N/A ---11
Grexit N/A ---18
Les Gaulois N/A ---15
M City N/A ---6
Pick Up Soccer George More informations
The European Union N/A ---8
TOURNAMENT 2016 N/A ---15
tournament 2016 N/A ---20
Tue d3 Delta Machine W2016-17 MSL N/A ---12
UTX 11v11 MSL N/A ---22
UTX Coed2016-17 N/A ---14
UTX D1 N/A ---23
UTX D1 Monday 70m N/A ---15
UTX FRI d2 N/A ---11
UTX Fri D2 w2016-17 N/A ---15
UTX Monday s2015 N/A ---12
UTX MSL d1 Monday 2016 N/A ---11
UTX MSL Thursday 2016 N/A ---14
UTX MSL Tuesday d2 w2016/17 N/A ---11
UTX Oldsters N/A ---13
UTX S15 THU 7v7 N/A ---12
UTX S2017 D2 Thursday George ---14
UTX Tue d1 MSL N/A ---13
UTXFC Mon-Tue W2015-16 N/A ---12
WED Men 2020 N/A ---12
Wonder Woo&Men N/A ---10